Spray Free Pastures means healthier hens, 

healthier eggs and a healthier you!

Our hens are not debeaked and do not have clipped wings. 

At Fairbanks Fields our hens are Pasture Raised.  That means they are 100% cage free and free to roam on pastures in the fresh open air 100% of the time.  Our hens are NEVER locked up!  They happily roam our natural pastures foraging for bugs, worms and grasses and enjoy a dust bath or two! A diet naturally high in protein improves the health and happiness of the hen and also the egg quality.

Our Mobile Chicken House

Fields produce high quality pasture raised eggs.  Our hens are rotationally grazed over fresh pasture with our mobile hen houses.  Our hens are tended by hand daily and protected from predators by our gorgeous Maremma dogs Herbie and Bruce.  Maremma’s have been bred for thousands of years to help protect livestock.   They help protect from foxes, eagles and other predators.  That’s a big job!

Free Range – Truly!

Compared to the industry standard of TEN THOUSAND hens/hectare our stocking density is just 700 hens/hectare.

Our pastured hens are integrated into our farm system with cattle depending on the season. They roost and lay their eggs in our mobile hen houses which are moved onto fresh pasture every few days. We also provide the hens with a locally sourced commercial pellet to ensure all their nutritional requirements are met.

Our feed is 100% antibiotic and hormone free!



We are the McMeniman family who live on "Fairbanks" which is situated near Ballandean, Stanthorpe on the Granite Belt.  Fairbanks been part of the McMeniman family for almost 100 years.

Traditionally a beef cattle property we have diversified into egg production due to the current prolonged drought. Once the heavens open up again and give our land a big soaking we aim to restock with cattle and hope to be able to offer you some pasture raised beef!  So stay tuned!

As a family run business our three children Hamish, Amelia and Jack are a brilliant help and really hands-on in the business, helping to collect, clean, stamp and pack eggs ready for sale.

We hope you enjoy our tasty, protein packed, nutritious pasture raised eggs!

Cheers The McMeniman's