Why you should
buy our eggs!


Our hens are tended by hand every day by our family on our farm.  Fairbanks Fields eggs are delivered straight to you from our farm. We could almost tell you which chicken laid each egg (they do look very similar though!)

Eating eggs from pastured chickens is much more nutritious than eating generic supermarket eggs.  Pastured eggs have three times more omega-3s, three times more vitamin D, 220 percent more vitamin E and 62 percent more vitamin A than eggs from caged hens.

We visit our hens at least three times per day to ensure they are well looked after with plenty of feed and fresh water always available.  Although this is very labour intensive it ensures the welfare of our hens is second to none!  We love our hens and we love eggs!

Our hens are free to roam the natural pastures and forage for bugs and worms, dust bathe and generally behave as hens should. 

Our hens are never locked up and are free to come and go from our mobile hen house as they please.  From dawn to dark they behave as nature intended.

Herbie and Bruce our Maremma's take good care of the hens and protect them from predators day and night.


Buying from us you are supporting an Australian family farm during this severe drought.  We thank you for your support and for helping to keep Australian agriculture alive!


100% Australian Made

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