Frequently asked questions

Is Feldenkrais suitable for people of all ages?

Yes! This method is suitable for everyone. It is always the right age to start developing body awareness.

How long do the benefits of treatment last?

The quicker you receive treatment for a condition, the faster it improves. With prompt treatment after the onset of pain, the student usually feels improvement within 2-3 lessons. When the pain level is high or movement has been restricted for some time, more lessons are required. The most important part of any lesson is step 3 and during the process I always ensure proper internalization of the correct movement, otherwise the pain may return as old movement habits come back.

What health conditions can benefit from The Feldenkrais method?

The primary areas treated are the back, neck, arms, and feet. Lessons are known to improve posture, movement, coordination, and balance. Special conditions that benefit:

  • Constrained movement
  • Movement discomfort
  • Muscular Tension
  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Arthritis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Attention and concentration enhancement
  • Breathing function improvement

What to expect from a Feldenkrais Treatment?

Feldenkrais aims to treat the root cause of pain by bringing the body back to its correct posture and natural movement. Step 1 begins by examining the student’s movement habits – how s/he stands, walks, sits and how s/he gets out of bed. The movements are examined on levels: at the mechanical level of the muscles and joints, and then, at the level of the individual’s awareness of each movement Step 2 is to make gentle movements, without force and without causing pain. This involves being fully attentive to the body, listening to where it feels tension or restriction while restoring it to proper movement and posture. I either guide the student verbally or by manipulating the body at this stage. Step 3 is maintenance. Here, the goal is for the student to be able to adopt proper movement habits for life which will help him/her overcome movement restrictions, long term.

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